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10 easy steps to a smooth hiring process

From profiling to closing the position.

1.     Meet with all who are involved in the recruitment and selection process.

2.     List the key skills, special qualifications, traits, characteristics, and experience you seek in a candidate.

3.     Write the job description.

4.     Review salaries in similar industries and positions and set a range.

5.     Advertise the position externally, email internal staff, vendors and industry contacts that a position has been
         posted, and encourage all candidates to apply for the position.

6.     Review candidates, prepare interviewers with guidelines, schedule interviews, and review post-interview results.

7.     If an internal candidate is selected for the position, agree on an appropriate start time with their current

8.     Make the written job offer.

9.     Send thank you notes to unsuccessful candidates and keep their resumes on hand for easy reference should
          additional vacancies arise.

10.   End the search successfully!

Stay tuned for more staffing solutions, featured here soon.