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About Abby Rubin RecruiterHi, I'm Abby Rubin.

Over the past 20 years, I have held the following key positions with a number
of national employment agencies and have recruited professionals for just
about every industry:

   • Regional VP Western Canada
   • Recruitment Service Sales
   • Sales Manager
   • Perm Desk Manager
   • Temp Division Manager
   • Recruiter

Growing up in Philadelphia, a dynamic place where big city excitement meets hometown charm, I moved to Los Angeles in my early 20’s to attend the University of Southern California, USC where I graduated Magna Cum Laude (Phi Beta Kappa) in Psychology.

Finally - My Ultimate Calling

After two years of working in a residential treatment facility for emotionally disturbed adolescent girls, I realized the one job I truly enjoyed was vocational counselling. I loved helping them realize their passions and working with them to explore attainable occupational goals, ensuring they would have the best possible chance of succeeding in life.

There was endless satisfaction in exploring career aspirations and goals with these young women, and helping them discover what they could do with their lives once they were out in the real world.

I had found a new vocation and my passion for this work was evident.

I was soon hired by Bernie Howryd, President and CEO of AppleOne, the largest employment service in the state of California. At AppleOne, I was the fortunate recipient of extensive training from seasoned professionals. Armed with a telephone, a phone book and pluck, I heeded the order to “Go!” and fell in love with the recruitment industry.

It did not take long for me to excel at recruitment. It had everything I was looking for in my own career; recruiting, counselling and developing client relationships. I spent all my time with people, but unlike social work, I was making great money-truly a dream come true!

I have never looked back. I love this business and I love my job!