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The Good Manager's 5 Point Check List

1.  Do you involve your people in setting goals for themselves and their department?

2.  Do you ensure your people have sufficient time, tools, and training to accomplish their jobs?

3.  Are their efforts recognized and are they shown appreciation?

4.  Do you have a structure in place to provide specific and accurate feedback in a positive
     and timely manner?

5.  Do your people have fun?

How do you find, grow and retain exceptional employees?

Whether you’re ‘growing your own’ or continuously seeking hot, new talent to maintain a lead role in your
industry, keeping staff in today’s market is a highly competitive game with a whole new set of rules.
Today’s employers are finding innovative new ways to retain employees, and not just with money.

According to Positive Performance, keeping good employees has more to do with how you value them
than what you pay:

"People hire into organizations. They stay or leave based on their relationship with their manager, and their opportunity to both contribute and advance in their job."

Hire right by knowing what's most important.

Skills, appearance and personality all factor into the interview, evaluation and hiring process. Determine what
is most important to your organization. Finding the right employee who will hang in through thick and thin has
far more to do with personality than hard skills.

Visionary strategist and international speaker Barton Goldsmith says that while it is (relatively) easy to train
people in the necessary skills, it is next to impossible to change their personalities.

Unless it's absolutely crucial to the position, insisting on post-graduate degrees, highly specific software or
experience in an identical role will reduce your selection substantially, quite possibly to the exclusion of a
stellar candidate.

Abby Rubin is founder and owner of Abby Rubin Personnel, a Vancouver employment agency founded in
2007. Abby has been providing Western Canadian corporations with expert employee recruitment services
in administrative, property management, sales, marketing, finance and executive management positions
since 1989.

Contact Abby today at 604.836.2672 or email