Why Work With a Small Independent Like Me?

Abby Rubin Recruiter... when there are all those big multi-national recruitment firms out there?

Because when it comes to having truly great people to work with, a small independent like me works harder, faster and smarter!

I’ve held senior positions at some of the biggest and the best recruitment agencies, in the US and Canada. I know how large recruitment firms work, what their motivators are, and how so many of them reward performance on the basis of dollars in, rather than quality out.

Sure, big agencies have some advantages. They can:
  • easily solicit Fortune 100 accounts with their international perspective
  • pour tons of money and high-priced manpower into things like salary surveys (seldom relevant to the Western marketplace)
  • produce glossy brochures, aimed at convincing you of their incredible powers at recruiting top talent
But buyer beware!
What they don't tell you is what happens behind the scenes as they're busy strong-arming candidates to their advantage, more often than not exempting great candidates from your pool of available talent. Enough said.

I've learned from over 20 years what is paramount to the success of my business: that I stand behind my word and operate in the best interest of all my clients, employers and candidates alike, to find the best possible fit.

And I know what’s important to you: great people and exceptional service. I also know that being bigger is not better. A fierce dedication to integrity and a golden reputation earned through hard work is all that really matters in the long run.

I'm Abby Rubin. I’ll only bring you the best people.

Contact Abby today at 604.836.2672 or abby@abbyrubin.com