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Property Manager - Calgary, AB

My client, a leading Commercial Property Management firm is currently seeking a qualified Property Manager for a Calgary portfoliof buildings. The Property Manager's role is toversee the operations and maintenance of a property portfoliincluding office, retail and warehouse properties This role will report tthe Director and will be the primary contact with tenants relating tbuilding operations. The Property Manager will oversee a team tensure that all tenant requests and building maintenance and obligations are dealt with in a professional manner 

Key Responsibilities

  • Enhancing the value of the overall portfoliand ensuring that the property values are not compromised
  • Developing and maintaining positive relationships with clients, internal colleagues, consultants, and suppliers
  • Ensuring that the Landlord's obligations tthe tenants are satisfied in accordance with the lease documents
  • Overseeing all aspects of building operations, including the Preventative Maintenance Program, repairs, and tenant requests
  • Supervising employees assigned tmaintenance and operations including subcontractors performing work onsite
  • Completing the property management function including liaising with tenants/clients, ensuring subcontractor standards are met, and identifying any improvements /maintenance that may be required
  • Supervising a team tdeliver required building services
  • Reviewing operational, budget, and vacancy reports
  • Supervising administrative and operations staff and coordinating with leasing and accounting
  • Regular contact with trade associations, civic authorities, utility companies, and engineering and architectural professions 


  • Previous experience in real estate management industry
  • An accredited Commercial Real Estate designation (RPA, CPM) and/or University Degree is considered an asset
  • Ability tset goals and objectives
  • Exceptional computer skills including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, as well as knowledge of computerized accounting systems
  • Excellent knowledge of building systems
  • Strong customer care and client management skills
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills and an ability tsimultaneously handle and prioritize multiple tasks and projects
  • Ability tstay focused on the big picture while anticipating problems (nproblems occur that could not have been anticipated)
  • Innovator -- proven ability tidentify, evaluate, and develop new ideas with supportable results


Building Operations and Maintenance

  • Maintain maximum revenue from the portfoliunder the guidelines provided by the Owner
  • Keep operating expenses at a minimum (or at least within budget without affecting the level of tenant services or value of portfolio)
  • Participate in the development and implementation of goals, objectives and policies
  • Conduct regular building surveillance tours tlook for and identify building concerns, review logs, identify opportunities and ensure that there are nbuilding operational abnormalities or inefficiencies
  • Ensure that OH&S legislation and regulations are being adhered tas per Management's Safety Program
  • Respond immediately temergencies both during regular working hours and after hours
  • Process and approve purchase orders and invoices for the portfolio
  • Administer and review tenant requests
  • Stay current on new trends and innovations in the field of building code, and operations and ensure legislative requirements (including Occupational Health & Safety) are met
  • Lead and supervise a team of staff and subcontractors in delivering building management programs and standards
  • Plan and manage projects, not managed tthe Project/Construction department, tprotect and enhance the value of assets in portfolio
  • Provide standby support ton-call maintenance staff and attend after hours emergencies if/when required
  • Maintain parking plans within the dedicated portfoliand provide parking information for lease transactions when necessary
  • Oversee the implementation and troubleshooting and continuous management of FAME for the entire portfolio
  • Ensure that the preventative maintenance plan that is implemented at each building is being properly maintained by the operations team.

Contract Administration and Leasing

  • Ensure specified standards are adhered tin accordance with contractual obligations, lease terms, and in accordance with Management policies, including the company's Safety and Quality Assurance programs
  • Research, management and implementation of the annual operations budgets and control expenditures in accordance with approved limits. Provide management and direction tensure budgets and reports are accurate and on time
  • Monitor and oversee and status and collection of accounts receivables
  • Generate and complete reports, including monthly owners management reports, together with administrative personnel as required under the contract
  • Ensure that the terms of the contract are met with proper allocation between recoverable and non-recoverable costs, as well as management fees and project costs
  • Keep operating expenses at a minimum (or at least within budget without affecting the level of tenant services or the value of the portfolio)
  • Ensure all required reports (i.e. Quality Assurance, Energy Management, Safety, Preventative Maintenance, etc.) are completed
  • Ensure that revenue is maximized for the portfolio, including follow-up on arrears of 30 days or more
  • Ensure timely and accurate documentation for property management systems, lease and administration files, and assist in development of plans and procedures timprove these systems
  • Assist with establishing programs for the operation, maintenance, and capital improvements of all buildings and equipment and, subject tthe approval of the Owner, carry out these capital plans with the assistance (as required) or operations personnel tensure that property values are not compromised
  • Provide consultative support tthe Director, Operations Supervisor, and Owners as required in the general function and operation of properties
  • Assist in the provision of quotes and estimates and assist in managing certain projects as may be required by the Operations Supervisor, Director, and Owner
  • Be prepared taddress and assist with negotiation of lease renewals in accordance with direction and specified parameters (Only if requested tdsby and together with Director).

Client/Employee Relations & General

  • Actively participate in monthly property management and/or owner meetings
  • Meet with all major tenants semi-annually (or more often if required) ensuring that tenant relationships are maintained at high levels of satisfaction
  • Conduct monthly operational staff meetings
  • Portray a favorable image of the organization as the front-line contact with clients/tenants and sub-contractors
  • Demonstrate excellence, enterprise, and enthusiasm in their association with cworkers, employees and clients
  • Assist in the development and implementation of corporate and departmental directives such as Best Practices
  • Assess employee performance and implement formal and informal development strategies for staff

For immediate consideration please call Abby Rubin (604) 836 - 2672 and email resume Salary is competitive and depends on experience.