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Web Design Specialist

POSTED 07 NOV 2012

Job Purpose:
Assists the Marketing & Operations departments with web-design projects, including but not limited to email campaigns and direct response landing pages. As well as in the monitoring and maintenance of search-engine-driven campaigns. (SEO & PPC)

Job Summary: Possesses design talent as well as coding knowledge to develop web pages using the latest industry technologies as well as managing SEO and PPC-type campaigns based on the standards in place and set by the marketing department.

Required Skills:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe / Macromedia Dreamweaver
  • Hands-on HTML coding
  • ASP / .NET Programming
  • Jquery and HTML5 technologies
  • SEO Knowledge
  • MS SQL Maintenance / Scripting

Asset Skills:

  • Adobe / Macromedia Flash
  • JavaScript & PHP
  • Crystal Reports
  • Adobe Illustrator / InDesign
  • Macintosh Computer Knowledge
  • MS IIS / Windows 2003 Maintenance

General Skills:

  • Good communication / Writing skills
  • Ability to work without supervision

This role is for my client in the Health and Beauty Industry on the North Shore.

For immediate consideration, please call Abby Rubin (604) 836 2762 and email The position pays $47,000 $50,000 + benefits